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Last week, both Hultafors and Snickers Workwear reached new record levels on Instagram where Snickers Workwear crossed the 25K mark, and Hultafors passed the 40K mark

The goals for 2020 are even more ambitious where Hultafors aims for 70,000 followers at the end of the year (plus 88 % from 2019), and Snickers Workwear aims for 40,000 followers (an increase of 66 % year-over-year).

Sanna Andulv is managing the Instagram account for Hultafors, and she shares her views on the growth: “I believe that one of the reasons for the rapid growth is that we share valuable content that helps our users do a better job. By focusing on engagement and maintaining a close dialogue, we can add more value, and benefit from the insights we gain to continuously refine our communication.”

The Instagram account for Snickers Workwear is managed by Isabell Lindberg and this is her view on the rapid increase in the number of followers: “My focus has been on increasing our engagement on social media which in return generates more followers. I’ve been doing this in many different ways, so it’s great seeing that hard work pays off.”

Both brands also have a big following on Facebook, with Snickers Workwear having 157K followers and Hultafors adding up to 60K.

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Hultafors Group

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